Date:  September 2017

Wellness Centre & Health Spa Launch!


It's been a while since our last newsletter and there have been a lot of exciting changes taking shape here at Eagle House...

Our newly refurbished Wellness Centre & Health Spa will be launched on Sunday, 15th October! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Wellness Centre & Health Spa on Sunday, 15th October between 11.30am and 2pm.  Our staff will be here to show you around and all of our therapists will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.  We will also have some exclusive special offers and vouchers available on the day, so why not join us to celebrate and enjoy a glass of bubbly and some nibbles while you soak up the atmosphere and treat yourself to some vouchers for treatments or give some as Christmas gifts for friends and family to enjoy! 

Our Health Spa team is spearheaded by Kelly and Maria and we welcome back Sarah (all previously worked here as Escape Day Spa).  They are experienced, qualified technicians who offer Nails, Health, Beauty and Complementary Therapies of the highest calibre and pride themselves on their friendly and professional approach. 

We all look forward to seeing you on the day!


A warm welcome to our newest therapists

We are also delighted to announce a few new therapists to our team, who bring with them a wealth of experience and enthusiasm!

Sports Massage Therapy

Julie Pratt-Benterman will be offering treatments using Sports Massage Therapy.  Julie is a former Great Britain international sprint hurdler and a highly qualified sports massage therapist.  Sports massage is for everyone not just athletes and Julie will be able to tailor treatments to suit individual needs.  Julie also offers pre and postnatal massage.

Chiropody & Podiatry

Connie Sibona also recently joined us.  Connie is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and is HCPC registered, her areas of speciality include; Sports Injuries, Biomechanics and Gait Analysis, Orthoses, Nail Surgery and Diabetic Foot Complications.  


Jay Meader is our highly qualified level 3 Pilates teacher.  Jay teaches Pilates in small groups allowing for individual personal attention in a fun and rewarding atmosphere, she is also happy to offer one to one classes.





Date:  January 2012


Good news for Mindfulness Meditation - BBC Report

Many of our emotions and reactions arise automatically, often in response to things that happen in our lives. Pain, illness and injury tend to create negative emotions, which we then try to avoid. When the problem is simple (for instance if we touch a hot pan) this is effective in avoiding serious injury. However, if we have to deal with things which do not go away easily, our reactions can create ongoing suffering. Examples are working in a stressful place or having a long-term illness. We don't just experience the problem itself, but also the frustration, tension and suffering that result from our attempts to minimise the experience. What makes things even worse, is that we may start to avoid the things we enjoy in order to cope.

Mindfulness is a method of allowing ourselves to relax and develop increased awareness. Once we become more aware of our body, our emotions and our reactions, the suffering created by attempts to minimise pain and stress can begin to reduce. You may know someone who bears their difficulties with optimism, while other people seem to be crushed by them. Mindfulness can give you a method that allows you to choose between the two. Pain may be inevitable, but suffering can be optional.

Mindfulness was originally developed as part of Buddhist meditation, but it is an independent technique that can be taught to anyone. It is becoming increasingly accepted by medical professionals and psychologists as an effective way of managing stress, pain and illness. Overviews of the research demonstrating the effectiveness of mindfulness can be found on the website of the University of Bangor ( and Your Doc Medical (

Last week the BBC reported on the effect of mindfulness on the brain scans of pain sufferers, please click here for more details:


Hubert van Griensven is an experienced acupuncturist and physiotherapist, with expertise in the management of chronic pain. He trained in mindfulness meditation with the Breathworks Foundation in Manchester and has several years of experience of teaching this technique to his patients. His own regular practice of mindfulness has enhanced his awareness of its application and benefits.

Forthcoming course/sessions:

A 3 hour introductory course on Mindfulness Meditation, with basic exercises, providing an insight into how mindfulness can be used to manage pain, stress and long-term health conditions.  The cost will be £40.00; which will include a CD with guided exercises to practice at home.

A 6 week course, of a one hour session per week, to gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness and how to apply in your own lives.  £8.00 per session.

Individual sessions will also be available for people who wish to focus on their own condition and situation.  These sessions will be tailored to your Individual needs.  Once you are on track it would then be possible to join the group if you wished to.  Initial Consultation and Session = £53.00 and follow-up sessions = £37.00 (Approximately 1 hour).

The courses will be organised at times flexible to suit demand.  Either a Saturday, early morning midweek or early evening.

Please register your interest with us for the above as soon as possible, as demand is expected to be high.


Date:  December 2011


Introducing an Expansion to Our Service


We are pleased to announce an expansion to our service and welcome the return to this practice of Hubert van Griensven.


Hubert was a long term associate at Eagle House in the 1990's. He has since worked as a clinical specialist in pain at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital Trust, gained a Masters degree in Pain and published textbooks on pain physiology. He is currently undertaking a PhD, lectures on acupuncture and pain and works as Consultant Physiotherapist at Southend University Hospital Trust.                                      


During this time, Hubert has continued to develop a special interest in Chinese medicine, as well as recently adding Mindfulness Meditation to his skills. He is able to offer help in areas such as:



Menstrual & menopausal problems

Bowel, bladder or stomach dysfunction

Sinus problems

Dry eyes and mouth

Sleeping problems, stress and tension

Fertility problems

Cosmetic acupuncture (facial lines & wrinkles)


Many patients already experience great relief from our treatments for musculoskeletal problems, so hopefully you will find this expansion to our service beneficial in these other areas.


For further details please call us on 01702 343785.



Date:  April 2011


Additional Pilates Class:  By popular demand we are excited to announce that we will be offering an extra session of Pilates.  These classes will be starting soon and will run on a Monday morning.


The course will be run by Christina Ballard an experienced and popular local Pilates Teacher.  Classes will be small; between 3-4 people for closer attention. The cost is £15.00 per 1 hour session and each session is progressive from the previous, so it is important that a course of 5 sessions are to be booked to get the most benefit.


For more information please contact this clinic on 01702 343785.



Date:  March 2011


In September 2010 we were proud to introduce Pilates Classes here at Eagle House Physiotherapy Clinic.  The class which is run by Nicola Whitehouse, takes place each Tuesday between 1.30 - 2.30 pm.  The classes are kept small; between 3-4 people for closer attention. 


By popular demand we are excited to announce that we will be offering an extra session of Pilates.  This class will run every Monday between 10 - 11am and will be run by Christina Ballard .  If you would like to attend this session; please call us on 01702 343785 to join.



Date:  January 2011


Eagle House Physiotherapy Clinic was established 35 years ago this month!



Date:  October 2008


The second phase of our refurbishments has taken place and we are pleased to welcome Lucy, Sarah, Megan and Giselle of 'Escape Health & Beauty' into our establishment.  The clinic has been transformed and has a new reception area which leads into the main Physiotherapy room which is very large, airy and spacious for both treatment and rehabilitation.  The middle section of the clinic boasts a spacious, relaxing Complementary Therapy and Dual Treatment room which means you can enjoy relaxing Spa Days with a friend or family member whilst the front section now has two newly refurbished treatment rooms and relaxing Nail Bar area thus offering a total Deluxe Spa Environment. 


'Escape', established for 11 years will now be known as 'Escape Day Spa', and offer a complete range of Beauty, Holistic and Specialist Medical Treatments.


You can find out more information regarding Escape Day Spa and which treatments they offer by going to their website:


Keith Palmer owner and Practice Principal of Eagle House Physiotherapy Clinic welcome Escape Day Spa as an expansion of the business which should truly benefit all clientele. The Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, established for 32 years, have also been developing the Complementary Therapy section of the practice for the past 2½ years with therapists Tracy Cocks, Maria Zambas, and Suzie Ridler.  They specialise in Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage. 


Therefore Eagle House Clinic is now able to offer Health, Relaxation and Beauty UNDER ONE ROOF.



Date:  April 2008


We are pleased to announce that the building works on Eagle House are now complete and that our physiotherapy clinic has undergone a full refurbishment – giving it a fresh new look.


The clinic now has an additional treatment room so there are now 3 rooms each offering a different style of therapies.


Firstly, there is the main physiotherapy room which is very large and airy and spacious for both treatment and rehabilitation.  Then there is a studio style room for activities such as Pilates.  Finally our complementary therapy team now have a new dedicated room, offering a very cosy and relaxing atmosphere.


Furthermore, when you enter the clinic, you will be greeted by our brand new reception area.




We are pleased to announce that soon we shall be offering Pilates for small intimate groups of 3 to 4 people and/or 1 to 1 if required.



Date:  February 2008 


You may have seen the signs outside of our building saying 'FOR SALE', we would like to clarify that it is the two residential flats at the top of the building which are for sale and not the whole building. Therefore our physiotherapy clinic is unaffected.


Sorry if this has caused any confusion.


Date:  December 2007 


½ price Aromatherapy Massage or Reflexology.  Offer ends 21st December 2007.


Offer is for 1 treatment.  Aromatherapy is full body excluding face.



Date:  October 2007


If you have ever been tempted to try one of our complementary therapies but never got round to it; why not treat yourself now?


Up until 30 November 2007 we are offering all new clients a £5.00 discount when they book for either Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Sports Massage, Reiki or Aromatherapy.


All you need to do is phone us on 01702 343785 and speak to either Maria or Tracy.  Mention that you have seen this notice and you'll receive £5.00 off your first treatment. 


Relax and enjoy ……….


Date:  September 2007


We are currently undergoing necessary renovations to our building.  Our clinic is continuing business as normal.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



Date:  September 2007


We are pleased to announce we are now offering Aromatherapy here in this clinic.  If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions regarding any of our complementary therapy treatments; please call us on 01702 343785 and speak to either Maria Zambas or Tracy Cocks.



Date:  June 2007


Special Summer Offer on Complementary Therapies.




Choose from Reflexology, Sports Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Reiki or Indian Head Massage.


Mix your treatments or give the 'free treatment' to a friend.


Offer lasts until July 15th 2007


For more details please call us on: 01702 343785



Date:  April 2007


After 30 years of treating patients and successfully running Eagle House Physiotherapy Clinic; Christine Marryat has decided to retire.  Christine will be enjoying her retirement in her new home in France.  We would like to wish her and her husband lots of luck and happiness, and a very healthy, enjoyable retirement.  The practice will continue to be run by her long time associate and current Practice Principal, Keith Palmer.



You may have noticed that 'Eagle House' has a sold sign outside – no need to worry; Eagle House Physiotherapy Clinic is running 'business as usual' with no plans of re-locating.


Date:  April 2007


Subject:  Did you know that our staff also practice what they preach?


Our Sports Massage/Indian Head massage therapist; Suzie Ridler has been a busy girl – here is what she has been up to.



On April 14th 2007 I donned my cossie, silicon hat and speedo goggles to compete in the Essex Masters Short Course Championships.  Competition was hot, the 'swim faster swim suits' not so hot and my swim club, Rochford & District, was out in full force.  I managed to scrape a win in the 50m freestyle in 28.77secs and the 100m freestyle in 62secs making me Essex Champion – hoorah!  Rochford went on to win 10 golds out of the 16 available in the various relay events.


London Marathon

One week later, I switched my costume for some trainers and slinky running gear to compete in the 27th Flora London Marathon.  It was a long, hot, emotional but truly amazing experience and I finally hopped, skipped and a jumped over the finish line in 4hrs 47mins. 


….and what's next on the agenda….

Dingle Way Walk – 4 marathons in 4 days (108miles)

With toenails still in tact and blisters banished since the marathon, I, and 30 others, will be trudging along the West Coast of Ireland aiming to walk 4 marathons in 4 days at the end of May.  Will the lure of Guinness at the end of each day pull us through?!


….and what's it all for….

The MS Society

Yep, it's all for charity mate!  I've been hoping to add to the needy coffers of the MS Society, a charity which provides endless work and support to MS suffers to live life to their full potential and secure the care and support they need, until a cure is ultimately found.  With the help of many friends, family and work colleagues, all of whom I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of the above, I have managed to raise almost £2,000 for this worthy cause and I can't send enough thanks to all who have sponsored me and for their generosity.


It isn't just Suzie who has been winning all the medals though as Keith Palmer (the practice principal) attended the European Masters indoor Championships in Helsinki in March and came 4th in the 400m final and 4th in the 4 x 200m.




Tue 9 Oct 2001


Walking back to happiness


Joining clubs, gyms, leisure and fitness groups seems a tremendously good idea in that late spring period when you wonder what you are going to look like on the beach in the summer. And joining new clubs often motivates you sufficiently to invest in some shiny new equipment or sleek new exercise kit.

But at this time of year, when you get home from a hard day at work can you really be bothered to pack your sports bag and drive to the gym? It is dark, it is wet, it is miserable and very often the effort required to get along to the gym is just too much. And so, despite all the good intentions, here we are sitting on the sofa watching television.

If exercise is thought of as something separate from you day to day activities, it will always be the first thing to go. Exercise that is fully integrated into your everyday schedule is much less hassle and, therefore, you are much more likely to stick with it.

A lot of people never consider that simply "walking" is a very useful exercise. If you walk briskly it provides a good work-out for the heart and lungs and thereby gets the circulation going. It keeps your leg and back joints moving nicely and is also good exercise for the leg muscles. And last, but not least, by loading the bones, walking can help in preventing osteoporosis — thinning of the bones.

It is suggested that a useful amount of walking would be 3 sets of 20 minutes per week, which should not be too tricky to fit in. A couple of walks at lunchtime and one at the weekend and you are well away. Combine that with climbing the stairs instead of using the lift and you are racing ahead.

Walking does not need any fancy equipment or sports kit so you can save yourself a lot of expense. Any comfortable, supportive pair of shoes will do, although if you are planning on taking your walk up in some far-flung corner of the Yorkshire dales, for example, it would be worth investing in some decent walking boots!

So, by changing your perception of exercise you can make things a lot easier for yourself. Exercise does not have to be an hour's sweaty slog at the gym - walk briskly to the post box and back and you have done yourself a power of good.

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